"Who Did Those 29 Realistic Farts?"

I'm Matt.

19, Cis Dude(He/Him/His), Canadian, Recovering Hipster, Tragically a Pop Culture Expert.

I consume things and sometimes I create things. Sometimes I critique things we consume, but one thing at a time. I like all kinds of art and entertainment, and I hope to create more (writing, drawing, making videogames and music, etc.)

I also have interest in other things, like politics and computer programming, but I'm a neophyte in those fields.

If I ever do anything rude, harmful, or offensive and you feel safe and comfortable enough to do so, call me out! I promise I'll at least try to change my behaviour for the better.


from some recent projection work i did at pehrspace and echo park rising


Mike falls over like a clumsy ox.

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I love Wikipedia. 

Goddamn I Love The Song Teenage Wasteland

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Art of Noise


Art of Noise Moments in Love


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I got tagged by bringthesuntoussaintlouverture to do a little Tumblr meet the blogger thing, and it sounded like fun.

1. What is your name? Matt Kluk

2. When is your birthday? November 18, 1994

3. Where are you from? I was born in Swan River, Manitoba, lived my childhood in The Pas, Manitoba, then had my adolescence in Edmonton, Alberta, where I still live.

4. Do you have a crush? 

Why, yes I do.

(I literally had to get the Orange Crush from the fridge, take a picture of it, and then put the photo on my computer for this throwaway joke.)

6. Write something in caps: MF DOOM

7. Got a favourite band/artist? Shockingly, not MF DOOM. Probably Kate Bush. Yes, I’m grieving because I’m missing her current run of shows.

8. Any favourite number? For incredibly vain reasons that you could probably decipher in the answer to #2, 1894. Fun fact: that used to be the PIN to my debit card, but people literally went through my wallet during gym class in junior high, then asked me my favourite number, and stole all $300 or some dollars in that account. (Note: Of course that’s no longer my PIN, nor has it been for years.)

9. Favourite drink? I actually hate alcohol, and would probably say chocolate milk like the total nerdweeb loser I am. (OK, I don’t hate alcohol, and I’d probably say a margarita based on the one margarita I’ve had in life. I’d still probably rather drink other non-alcoholic drinks in most occasions, though, because I am a child.)

10. Tag 10 people: Sure, I’ll do it in the tags.


sonic and his best friend robotnik.

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